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  • August 3


    - Protect Ticket Rights

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  • July 17

    Protect Ticket Rights calls on NJ Governor to Veto Anti Consumer Legislation

    NJ Assembly Bill 4259 is an example of bad public policy, and Governor Murphy should veto this bill immediately. The legislation was introduced and passed in a speedy and hidden way, without any proper notice and public comment. As written, the legislation will create a more powerful monopoly in New Jersey, and will strip many important consumer protections currently in place in the state - protections that serve as a model in the U.S. for other states. It will allow venues and ticket issuers to hold-back as many tickets as it wishes from going on sale publicly! As a result, adopting A.4259 will limit choices consumers have when it comes to buying tickets, and it will drive prices unnecessarily higher. Protect Ticket Rights sent this letter calling on Governor Murphy to protect the rights of ticket buyers and ticketholders by vetoing A.4259.

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  • July 5

    NATB Stands for Doing Ticket Resale the Right Way

    - Protect Ticket Rights

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  • June 7

    New Connecticut Law Will Protect Consumers’ Ticket Buying, Selling, and Reselling Rights

    By Gary Adler, Executive Director and Counsel, NATB

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  • April 5

    Missouri bill would fight bullies in event ticketing

    -Gary Adler, Kansas City Star

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  • March 13

    Tips for March Madness Fans to Avoid Ticket Scams

    Press Release from NATB and Better Business Bureau

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  • March 6

    Governor McAuliffe Signs into Law the Ticket Resale Rights Act

    Virginia Legislation Ends Unfair, Monopolistic Practices by Ticket Issuers to Restrict Consumers’ Rights When Purchasing, Selling or Transferring Tickets.

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  • February 3

    NFL Teams Urged By Ticket Brokers To End Resale Limits

    Article by Zachary Zagger, originally published in Law360

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  • January 30

    With Over $6 Billion in Public Financing for Stadiums, NFL Teams Should End Ticket Restrictions

    27 of 29 NFL Stadiums Rely on Taxpayer Funding, NATB Calls for End to Restrictive Policies

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  • January 24

    Setting the Record Straight

    NATB Letter to the Wall Street Journal

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  • January 23

    Virginia Legislation: A Step Forward for Ticketholders’ Right to Sell or Transfer their Tickets

    National Association of Ticket Brokers Applauds Proposed “Ticket Resale Right Act”

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  • January 19

    NATB and Better Business Bureau: Tips for Fans to Avoid Super Bowl Ticket Scams

    The National Association of Ticket Brokers (NATB) is honored to be named as a new Council of Better Business Bureaus’ (BBB) national partner, working to raise awareness and educate consumers about the smartest ways to buy tickets on the secondary resale market.

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