Why the National Association of Ticket Brokers

Buying tickets from a National Association of Ticket Brokers broker is the safest, most reliable way to purchase tickets on the resale market. We are not occasional resellers, we are professional companies that have been serving new and repeat customers for decades. The success of our businesses is built upon the trust and satisfaction of our customers. We provide a 200% money-back customer guarantee, and our members oppose the use of specialized software that cheats the system and buys up bulk tickets. Simply put, NATB sets the gold standard for how the secondary market for tickets should function.

The NATB mission:

  • To facilitate consumer protection in the secondary market for event tickets;
  • To protect your right to buy and sell tickets under free market principles;
  • To educate the public about the secondary ticket market;
  • To ensure that consumer interactions with NATB Members are conducted with integrity, reliability and convenience;
  • To promote the highest standards of conduct among ticket brokers;
  • To defend the rights of professional ticket brokers against restrictive and counter-productive laws, rules and regulations.

Visit www.NATB.org to learn more.

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