The Return of Live Events in 2021: Your Ticket Rights Matter Now More than Ever

At Protect Ticket Rights, we are avid fans of live events and we are excited to see venues slowly but steadily reopen for live events. NHL, NBA, MLB, concerts and even theater are all announcing 2021 dates. With the pandemic, live events were the first to go away and many said the last to come back and we are happy to see that with each passing event, local jurisdictions are permitting event organizers to sell more tickets and host more fans. This is great news! And, common sense things like face coverings and social distancing is proving that fans can return to live events, safely.

The work of Protect Ticket Rights in 2021 is just as important as it’s ever been.  Our campaign remains squarely focused on preserving your rights to resell or give away your purchased tickets if you wish.

We advocate for the passage of laws that not only preserve and protect your ticket rights like the ability to transfer or resell them, but that also ban the use of illegal software bots when purchasing tickets, make online ticket sales more transparent, and afford fans with strong refund protections.

If you are a fan of live events, then you should support the work of Protect Ticket Rights! Sign up for email updates, follow us on Twitter and Facebook, and, stay tuned. There will be ways to help us protect your ticket rights!


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