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  • February 28

    Press Release: Consumer Advocates Unite in Promoting a “Ticket Buyer Bill of Rights”

    Today, Consumer Federation of America, Fan Freedom, National Consumers League, Protect Ticket Rights, and Sports Fans Coalition released the Ticket Buyer Bill of Rights ( The Ticket Buyer Bill of Rights is a set of principles the nation’s leading consumer advocacy groups and others believe should serve as a framework for ticketing legislation that can improve the live events ticketing market that serves millions of fans each year.

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  • February 1


    Protect Ticket Rights applauds President Biden and his Administration for looking out for what’s in the best interest of consumers, including their experience when they purchase live event tickets.

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  • January 25

    BLOG: Senate Hearing Puts Spotlight on Consumer, Competition Issues in Ticketing Market

    The Senate held a hearing after Ticketmaster’s systems failed during the presale for Taylor Swift's new tour, leaving millions of fans stuck in virtual queues for hours waiting to buy tickets, and left others empty handed.

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  • January 22

    The Taylor Swift Meltdown Was About Greed, Not Bots

    When the Senate Judiciary Committee holds a hearing on Tuesday and questions Live Nation/Ticketmaster’s management about market competition and consumer protections, senators should prepare for an Oscar-worthy performance in finger-pointing and deflection.

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  • January 20

    BLOG: U.S. Senate to Hold Hearing on Ticketmaster, Consumer Protection, Competition in Ticketing

    Live event ticketing is once again taking center stage in the U.S. Congress as the Senate’s Judiciary Committee holds a hearing on Tuesday, January 24 regarding competition and consumer protections in the live events industry and market. Protect Ticket Rights is tracking this hearing closely!

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  • December 16

    Blog: Where is the Transparency? Only 6% of Taylor Swift Tickets Reserved for the Public!

    Holdbacks Are Deceitful and Frustrate Fans

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  • December 14

    Blog: Ticketing 101 Event Brings Consumer Concerns to Capitol Hill

    On November 16th, The National Consumers League (NCL) sponsored Ticketing 101, a discussion in the U.S. Capitol with Congressional staff about the often-frustrating world of live event ticketing.

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  • October 20

    Blog: Ticket Transferability and Ticketholders’ Rights Under Attack

    A ticketholder’s right to do what he or she wants with a ticket is being threatened once again. In recent weeks, Live Nation/Ticketmaster, which controls up to 80% of the live event market, has criticized a  law in New York which protects consumers’ rights to freely use, transfer, resell, or give away their purchased tickets as they wish.

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  • August 30

    Baby, Those Tickets Were Born To Run

    Jonathan Cohen for Spin

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  • June 30

    PRESS RELEASE: NY State Continues to Protect Ticketholders’ Ability to Freely Transfer Tickets

    Protect Ticket Rights released the following statement after New York Governor Kathy Hochul signed a new ticketing market reform bill into law.

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  • May 3

    Justice Department and Federal Trade Commission Hear About Problems in Live Event Ticketing

    - Protect Ticket Rights

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  • April 13

    Tell Illinois Leaders: Protect Ticketholders, Vote YES on the Illinois Ticket Sale and Resale Act


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