For Immediate Release

February 1, 2023

“Protect Ticket Rights applauds President Biden and his Administration for looking out for what’s in the best interest of consumers, including their experience when they purchase live event tickets. We are encouraged by the President’s interest in greater price and fee transparency, and for primary ticketing companies like Ticketmaster to stop hiding the number of tickets being held back to fool consumers into believing tickets are scarce so that they can charge higher prices.


“There needs to be greater transparency when it comes to the opaque live events ticket market, and greater competition at every point in the system; from artist management to tour promotion, venues, and ticketing. With billions of dollars worth of tickets sales each year, mostly into the coffers of a single company, reform that enhances transparency and protects the rights of ticketholders is critical to fix what is currently broken. This includes new regulations or laws that ensure consumers aren’t pawns in a broader game of monopoly by dominant players in the system when it comes to using, selling, or giving away their purchased tickets. If consumers elect to buy their tickets from a seller other than Ticketmaster, for example, they should be able to do so freely and not be forced to create an account with Ticketmaster in order to access or use or transfer their tickets. Ticketmaster or any other original ticket seller should also no longer be able to abuse its technology to void tickets purchased by fans from a competing ticket seller. These practices are common in ticketing, they punish fans, and need to be outlawed.”

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