PRESS RELEASE: NY State Continues to Protect Ticketholders’ Ability to Freely Transfer Tickets

WASHINGTON, D.C.Protect Ticket Rights released the following statement after New York Governor Kathy Hochul signed a new ticketing market reform bill into law. The new law, like the previous ticketing law it builds upon, continues to protect a ticketholders’ ability to freely transfer their purchased tickets or generally use, give away, or resell their tickets as they wish. The law also requires consumers be offered a non-digital paper ticket if they desire, all of which is intended to protect ticketholder rights and prevent any one ticket selling company from monopolizing the market and exerting too much control over ticket buyers and ticketholders in New York. The new law will also now require “All In Pricing” to provide greater transparency for ticket buyers. Sellers will now be required to include all pricing information to consumers up front, and, if the tickets are being resold, they must also provide ticket buyers with the face value of the ticket. 

“We are thrilled that New York is continuing its strong policy in favor of ticket transferability,” said Gary Adler, Executive Director of the NATB, sponsor of the Protect Ticket Rights initiative. “We applaud New York’s attempt to fix what is broken in ticketing and protect consumers. While terrific progress is being made at the state level, really all consumers across the nation deserve the same protections. The U.S. Congress should revisit its past work on this matter to finally repair deep flaws in ticketing that begin before tickets go on sale all the way to the point when they are scanned for entry. Consumers deserve better than what they face today,” continued Adler.

The new law comes after Protect Ticket Rights commissioned polling in New York, which found that 84% of residents supported a renewal of the previous law. It also found that 90% of New Yorkers support the right to freely transfer their purchased tickets.

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