Tell Illinois Leaders: Protect Ticketholders, Vote YES on the Illinois Ticket Sale and Resale Act

Live music and sports fans deserve protections when they purchase tickets to events. Whether it’s for a refund for a cancelled event during a pandemic like Covid, or if it is to ensure you can easily and freely give away or resell tickets you cannot use. New legislation in Illinois would codify these protections and protect your ticket rights, making the Illinois ticket law one of the strongest in the nation!

If you’re a live music or sports fan, or go to Bulls, Blackhawks, Bears, White Sox or Cubs games, take a few seconds now to urge Illinois lawmakers to support the Illinois Ticket Sale and Resale Act. This legislation protects you and other fans of live events!

The bill would

  • Guarantee refunds in the event of an extreme event (like a pandemic) and creating a clear path to get your money back for a cancelled or significantly postponed event
  • Ensure consumers have the right to easily transfer tickets if you can’t make it to a show or game – whether your babysitter canceled last minute, or you think you should stay home because you might be sick
  • Protect consumer privacy by preventing big ticketing companies from requiring fans to disclose personally identifiable information just to get a ticket

This only takes 30 seconds:

STEP 1 – Open this link in a new tab and create an account by clicking the “register” button at the bottom of the menu on the left. (You only need an email address to set up an account). Once you’ve set up your account – come back to this page.

STEP 2 – Click here to navigate to the Illinois General Assembly’s page for this committee hearing.

STEP 3 – Click the “create witness slip” button on the right side of the menu

STEP 4 – Fill in your identification information.

STEP 5 – Skip section II and ONLY click “PROPONENT” in section III

STEP 6 – For section IV, check the box next to “Record of Appearance Only”

STEP 7 – Check the box agreeing to ILGA’s terms of agreement and click create slip. You’re done! Thank you for supporting ticket rights in Illinois!

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