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Florida Lawmakers Should Adopt Protections for Live Event Ticketholders Similar to Other States

House Bill 969 and Senate Bill 1316 will protect consumers who purchase tickets to live sports, music and theater. As surveys commissioned by Protect Ticket Rights demonstrate, the overwhelming majority of Americans want to preserve their right to do as they wish with their purchased tickets, including using them or transferring them freely to give them away or resell them, without restricted imposed by the original seller. Unfortunately, it is a growing trend where attempts are made to block or restrict ticketholders from freely transferring their tickets as they wish. Either it is a hassle to transfer them to a friend or someone willing to purchase them, for example requiring the new ticketholder to open an account with the box office or contracted ticket seller for the event, or they are altogether blocked from being able to be transferred.


This is wrong! When a ticketholder cannot use his or her tickets, it is better to give them away or resell them to someone who will use them, avoiding empty seats. Empty seats and no-shows at events are bad for everyone. Even if the tickets were sold, unused tickets result in less revenue for venues and their neighboring businesses like restaurants, which ultimately can force them to reduce their operations and staffing. Plus, the players, music artists, or actors suffer a smaller live audience. It is always best to ensure a purchased ticket that will otherwise go to waste gets in the hands of an excited fan who wants to attend – and it should be entirely the ticketholder’s choice how to get that ticket in the hands of someone else who will use it. States including New York, Connecticut, Virginia, Utah, Illinois and Colorado all have laws similar to SB 1316 and HB 969, and the live events market in those states remain just as strong as ever. With so many live events in the Sunshine State, Floridian consumers deserve the same protections!




Consumers Agree! A recent PTR survey of 500 respondents ages 18+ in the state of Florida conducted by Google Surveys January 30-February 17, 2022 found that fans overwhelmingly support the right to transfer tickets: 


  • Nearly 9 in 10 oppose transferability restrictions, saying they paid for their tickets, and should have the freedom and choice to do what they want with them
  • 84% say it is unfair to lock digital tickets into a single proprietary system or app (where ticketholders cannot easily transfer their tickets, to give them away or resell them however they wish)
  • 84% say venues should not be able to deny entry by cancelling or invalidating tickets, simply on the basis that they were purchased from an online ticket marketplace versus the box office or contracted ticketing company for the event organizer
  • 82% support a law that guarantees their rights to give away or resell their tickets however they wish (as proposed by Senate Bill 1316 and House Bill 969)


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