Why “Protect Ticket Rights” and Why Now

Picture this: you buy a car from the dealership after finding the make and model you want, at a price you are willing to pay. Then, after you’ve already driven home, the dealer calls you and says: “by the way, if you ever want to resell your car, you can only do it through my dealership…and don’t even think about pricing it to sell, because we have minimum resale prices.” Would you lose out on an opportunity to sell it where you want at a price you choose? Would this impact the value of your car? Would it make it more difficult to sell? This, overbearing, intrusive and controlling practice is happening today in the world of tickets to live events. In my nearly 25 years in this industry, I have never seen so many veiled efforts at play to punish ticket holders for reselling their tickets – and not because reselling is bad in any way, but instead as a way for big powerful players to commandeer the resale market. Rest assured, anyone who tells you it’s about lowering the cost of tickets for consumers is selling you snake oil. It’s why we are organizing Protect Ticket Rights.

Just like with cars, a vibrant resale market for tickets where ticket owners can buy, sell, and transfer their tickets free of restrictions is critical. And because it’s being threatened Protect Ticket Rights is more important than ever. If you have been impacted by restrictive practices, such as your tickets being cancelled, please share your experience with us on this site. Sign up on our email list so we can keep you informed’ and let you know when and how your voice can be helpful in your local area.

Let’s protect your ticket rights!

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